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   Cloud Computing Security

In 2008 I wrote an article regarding the new era of cloud computing. Online storage, data sharing, and web based applications have certainly grown since 2008 and the varied uses have become known simply as “the cloud”. Cloud computing, whether it is the use of online business applications, simple data sharing or online backups and storage, create security issues that many feel didn’t exist prior to our extensive use of the cloud.

Many of the security issues that we face with personal devices are replicated in the cloud. Read the privacy policy of every service you consider. The privacy policy should describe how information used, input or gathered by the service is protected, shared and disseminated. Check out reviews of the provider to determine what kind of experiences others have had. Visit their website to see if the provider offers encryption (some encrypt your data automatically) and if you control the encryption keys or if they do.

Always, use passwords and usernames that include multiple random letters, numbers and special characters. If you need help managing these longer passwords (or creating them) you can use programs like LastPass and Roboform.

Consider using two step verification, two step verification requires two pieces of data be entered to log in. One input is typically your password, the other is a code either sent by text or generated by an app on your smart  phone or tablet. Two-step authentication as it is also known can take extra time so it is often not utilized by consumers. Many online services offer two-step authentication as a security option.

If your provider does not offer data encryption, encrypt your data on your own using free for personal use services like Viivo or nCrypted Cloud. Services like SpiderOak and Mega encrypt your data for you and many services allow you to manage the encryption keys so no one but you can access your data.

The Cloud provides services that would be difficult to offer as individual programs as well as increasing storage space for data and files. Remember to back up cloud files locally so you always have two copies in case the cloud service or your local device goes down or is compromised.

If we apply common sense security measures we can safely keep our heads in the cloud.
 Laser Ignited Engines

For years many businesses and individuals have worked on the concept of running internal combustion engines using lasers instead of spark plugs. The idea may have become a reality when Princeton Optronics recently created a new ignition system.

Engines fired by lasers burn cleaner than regular internal combustion engines fired by spark plugs. The lasers burn more of the fuel in each cylinder resulting in higher mpg and less pollution.

With increased combustion the laser fired engine can be as much as 27 percent more efficient. This means a car that runs at 40 miles per gallon could achieve 50 mpg with a laser ignition system.

A cleaner burning engine and a higher combustion rate adds up to a greener engine as well. Less pollution and less fuel consumption could be a dream come true for auto makers who have to meet federal emission guidelines.

The engine was revealed at the ARPA-E 2015 Energy Innovation Summit. The laser fired engine ran for a week last November in a lab outside Chicago.

We would like to welcome Carlyle Memorials to the PPP Design Family. Carlyle Memorials is a full service monument company, dedicated to providing western Iowa families with all their memorial needs.
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More As Seen on Twitter
1. Found out at today's staff meeting that I have sleep apnea.
2.. Our names look so cute together on this restraining order.
3. Apparently I snore so loudly that it scares everyone in the car I'm driving.
4. You have beautiful eyes. Too bad they're attached to the head of a stark raving lunatic.
Parallel park, like nobody's laughing.
The proper use of a stress ball is to throw it at the last person to upset you.
Technically, a slippery slope is the path of least resistance.
I remember when my better half had laryngitis. Fondly.
Pain is nature's way of saying, "Don't do that." Painkillers are mankind's way of saying, "Just watch me."
The trouble with ignorance is it picks up confidence as it goes along
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Princeton Optronics
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Simplify Your Life. Password Manager

RoboForm remembers your passwords so you don't have to!

Encrypt your files

nCrypted Cloud
Securely Share with Anyone in the Cloud

Encrypted Online Storage. Privacy Matters.

Encrypted Online Storage

Simple Windows Send to Tips

Send to
Most of us know about and have used the Send to function available in Windows when we right click a file or folder. You can add a ton of new destinations to the Send to menu if you hold down the shift key as you right click on that file or folder. Now you can transfer that file or folder just about anywhere on your PC with the Send to menu.

If the stock Send to options don't fit your needs and holding down the shift key doesn't offer convenient access to your desired destination when you right click a file or folder you can try this.

Create shortcuts to the locations you would like to add to the Send To menu by right-clicking them and selecting Send to > Desktop (create shortcut). (This will create a shortcut to your preferred destination on your Desktop.)

Now the fun part: open Windows Explorer, then type shell:sendto in the location bar at the top and click Enter. Once the folder where your Send To options reside opens, drag the short cut you created in to the Send to options folder to add the destination to your Send to menu.

Right click on a file, hover over Send to and your new destination should be an available option.

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