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What's New ?
Speed Kills

We have all heard the phrase, "Speed Kills". Well, in the internet world the lack of speed will kill you. Slow page load times, slow responses to email inquiries and slow response to customer phone calls can be a metaphorical obituary for a modern website.

"The website, www.sitename.com died today due to complications in communication with its customers". This is an ominous headline especially if the website is yours. The obituary goes on to state; "The website left us without putting up a fight, leaves no loved ones behind but showed tremendous potential." Ouch! That one would hurt, but with a little care and planning the untimely demise could have been avoided.

The four keys to avoiding speed problems with your website are easily addressed and are the remedy for the plague trying to over take the internet.

First be certain that each page of your website loads quickly and error free.

Second, respond to email inquiries in a timely fashion. (Within 24 hours, but within a few hours is best)

Make certain your site content gets to the point and contains relevant information. No one wants to read a novel as they search for an answer to a question.

Third, respond quickly to phone inquiries especially when prompted from your website. People using the internet have gotten used to and expect quick responses.

A quick response seems to be the key, when your customers visit your website will the experience quicken their pulse or will it prompt them to call the internet coroner.
 Plasma Beam Lighter

Lighters that use plasma instead of exposed flames are becoming popular since they are wind proof, splash proof and are rechargeable. One such lighter is the SaberLight Rechargeable Flameless Plasma Beam Lighter. The SaberLight uses a lithium ion cell instead of butane. The lighter can be recharged in an hour and lasts for up to three hours of use (300 uses per charge).

The Plasma Beam Lighter is safe to bring on a plane since there is no dangerous fuel.

Check out the SaberLight Rechargeable Flameless Plasma Beam Lighter on Amazon.
For information only; we are not an affiliate of SabreLight.

Happy Labor Day
#########    Just for Grins    #########  
1. To be frank, I would need to commit identity fraud.
2. I ate a shepherd's pie for lunch. He was pretty upset about it.
3. I work in a library. Literally all we do is judge books by their covers.
4. Now that I'm older, I realize that my imaginary friend was really a bad influence on me.
I'm not sure if this woman ahead of me in line at Starbucks is ordering a drink or casting a spell.
I had eggs for breakfast & chicken for dinner; in case anyone's wondering which came first.
Everyone mocks my fanny pack until I pull out tater tots.
8. It's crazy how rarely it's good news when someone calls you from the trunk of a car.
9. Always be yourself. A little less... a little less... there you go.
10. I keep Oreos in my pocket just in case I meet my future husband and he needs a little more convincing.
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PIXLR Editor
Online Image Editor

Internet Live Stats
Live Stats from around the internet.

PIXLR Editor

Pixlr is a free online photo editor which means it can be used anywhere you can access a browser. You can adjust colors and brightness as well as tweak color balance and saturation. PIXLR is a powerful editor so you may want to make a backup of your image and work on the copy in case you make an error.

The adjustment menu provides loads of options including the powerful levels and curves selections. These tools can make radical changes to a photos so use them carefully.

Color balance allows you make adjustments that affect the color cast and tint of photos. There is a crop tool, paint brush, pencil and more on the side menu.

Layers are available and provide a method for making easily reversible changes to your images.

Check out PIXLR Editor Online

Contact: PPP Design

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