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Marketing Your Website

What's New ?
Auto-Responders & Fulfillment Pieces

The number one complaint regarding business websites is, "I never get a response" or "It took days for them to respond to my email". We have all been on the opposite side of this problem. You visit a website and send an email with an inquiry and never hear back from the site owner or it takes so long for them to respond that you have already found the answer to your question. It can be

Most of us won't return to a website whose owner is unresponsive to emails. The real question is are you that website owner? Do you ever find yourself replying to one or even two day old emails (excluding weekends)? If so, there are a few things you can do to professionalize your response.

Auto-responders are a great way to let prospective customers know that you received their email and take it seriously. An auto-responder can automatically notify an individual that inquires through your website that you will respond, when you will respond and that you value their inquiry.

Match your auto-responder to a fulfillment piece and you have created an atmosphere of professionalism that is seldom rivaled on the internet. Your auto-responder can provide a link to exclusive online content, information, discounts, catalogs etc. that are only available to those who inquire. This not only creates one more contact with a prospective customer, it also provides the inquirer with additional information about your business while they wait for your personal reply.

Is this starting to sound expensive? Well it isn't. You already have the ability to create auto- responders with your website email account, and you can do it for free. The exclusive content may be a uniquely informative brochure, a small discount certificate, a catalog that provides information about your products that isn't found anywhere else or any number of other creative items. A link to
the exclusive content can be provided in your auto-responder.

Make certain the exclusive content is of high quality. Many brochures and informative booklets can be reproduced as PDFs which makes them easy to download. Be creative, unique ideas will help you stand out from the crowd.

It is important that your auto-responder state when you will be replying to their email and you should be certain to reply within the time stated. An auto-responder only takes a short time to set up and is sent every time someone uses your contact form.
Throwable Cameras?

Bounce Imaging has come up with a camera that can be thrown in to danger zones to gather information for Fire fighters, Policemen, Soldiers and more.

These low cost cameras and sensors can be used for search and rescue missions in collapsed buildings and post disastor landscapes.

Bounce Imaging is striving to make these cameras affordable ($500-$1000) so they can be widely used and distributed.

New and Updated Websites

St. Matthew Lutheran Church in Mapleton has a new look. The new site offers a blog, daily devotions, a media gallery and mobile access.

Please welcome Zion Recovery to the PPP Design Family. ZION Recovery Services has a new mobile and traditional website.

PPP Design is happy to announce the addition of Shelby County Catholic School to our portfolio. The new site provides resources, event listings, mobile and more.

Wall Lake Baptist Church has added mobile access to their website. Visit on your favorite mobile device.
#########    Just for Grins    #########  
You Might Be A High Tech Redneck If 
1. Your e-mail address ends in "@over.yonder.com."
2. You connect to the World Wide Web via a "Down Home Page."
3. Your laptop has a sticker that says, "Protected by Smith and Wesson."
4. You wire your network with jumper cables.
5. Your wife said either she or the computer had to go, and you still don't miss her.
6. Your spell checker knows words like, "Y'all", "Yonder", and "Reckon."
7. You ever felt you had to move your computer desk so it didn't block the velvet picture of Elvis.
You only buy from Gateway, 'cause the cow boxes are a hoot.
9. Your belt buckle is made from a dead 3.5" disk drive.
10. Three Words: Daisy Duke Screensaver
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Bounce Imaging
Affordable, Throwable Cameras

St. Matthew Lutheran Church
Mapleton Iowa Lutheran Church

Zion Recovery
Substance Abuse Services in Iowa

Shelby County Catholic School
Harlan Iowa Catholic School

Wall Lake Baptist Church
Wall Lake Iowa Baptist Church

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet

Have you ever wondered which keyboard buttons to push to make your desk top icons bigger or smaller? O.K. neither have I but it is kind of cool that you can hold the  Ctrl key and use your mouse scroll wheel to make adjustments to the size of the icons.

Select a folder and click Alt then the Enter key to view that folders properties.

Try the Alt key then press F4 to close or exit the active document, window or program.

Click the Windows logo key and the space bar to view your desktop.

The printable keyboard shortcut cheat sheet from Shortcutmania has over a hundred keyboard shortcuts for Windows 7.

Get your copy here.

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