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Marketing Your Site What's New ?
An Exact Science

Is advertising an exact science? Not really but advertising can be managed in such a way that an ad can be tested, tweaked and re-tested until it gives proven results within an acceptable range.

Not unlike controlled clinical trials, modern advertising can be tested, reconfigured and re-tested so the possibility of loss is severely minimized. Take for example a food company with a new product. The owner, his or her employees, several friends and an advertising executive all agree it is a great product. An immediate national advertising campaign is set in to motion, hundreds of thousands of dollars are committed to the project and it fails. The public won't buy the product. Could this have been avoided?

Of course, testing the market first could have reduced the risk and made any potential losses much more bearable. Rolling out the product in a few communities complimented by a small advertising campaign would have given the company the information it needed to make a decision regarding the new product. If the product failed in the test markets, the company is out very little and can absorb the cost of the trial. If the test markets prove to be successful, the company can proceed with the national campaign with the knowledge that it to should prove to be successful.

Small businesses face the same issues albeit on a smaller scale, but a large failed ad campaign or promotion can be just as devastating. Test campaigns allow large and small companies to commit to large scale projects with the security of past success. There are still risks, but they have now been minimized.
 Gutter Cleaning Robot 

Believe it or not, iRobot has come up with a robotic gutter cleaner. The iRobot Looj® 330  features a high-velocity, four-stage auger that states it will "blasts away leaves, dirt and clogs while brushing gutters clean".

The iRobot Looj® 330 is offered by the same company behind the iRobot Roomba® Vacuum Cleaning Robot.

If the iRobot Looj® 330 performs as well as the iRobot website says it does it could easily be worth the $300 price tag. Cleaning gutters is a nasty task that can also be dangerous, a tool that makes the job safer and easier could find a place in many peoples garage or workshop.

Visit the Chamber & Development Council of Crawford County to see their new website. Features include, easy access to member information, Deal of the Week and their new mobile website.
#########    Just for Grins    #########  
Strange and Funny Things to Do In Public
1. Ask random people if they want to see your "belly button" ?
2. Make up crazy facts about random things and tell them to strangers as though you are very smart.
3. Practice your tai-chi in the street. Wave your arms all around like you know what you are doing.
4. Pretend to communicate with your home planet in public.
Repeatedly call someone Bobby, when they say that's not their name, get mad and ask do you prefer Robert ?
6. Shout "shut up, SHUT UP," and slap your head in public ?
7. Hug a stranger then apologize saying you thought they were your grandmother ! (Especially funny if it is a man)
8. Stare at people through the (tines) points of a fork and ask what they did to get put in jail.
Say "blink-blink" every time someone blinks !
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iRobot Looj® 330
Gutter cleaning robot

Chamber & Development Council of Crawford County
New C.D.C website design

C.D.C Mobile Website

Selective Printing

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print dialog

Only the selected text will be printed. This little trick even works with PDF writers (Print Drivers) like CutePDF.

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