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 Internet Taxation Debate - The Wrong Question

I recently read an article regarding the internet taxation debate here in the United States. The article discussed the Marketplace Equity Act of 2011 recently introduced in the House of Representatives. A similar bill was introduced in the Senate prior to this bill. The article posed the question, "How should internet sales be taxed"?

One proposal is for every online business to collect sales taxes for each taxing authority or district in the U.S. In other words, the taxation would be based upon where the purchaser resides. The business would then have to remit the tax revenue to the specific taxing authority. This proposition is almost completely unenforceable and even less likely to be executable. The sheer magnitude of complexity associated with carrying out and enforcing such a proposition is mind boggling.

Another proposal is for the Federal Government to collect all sales taxes and distribute them to each taxing district. Right.....and maybe we should have the federal government balance each of our check books and distribute the funds to us. I really hope the American people don't fall for this one.

The third proposal discussed was for the taxation to take place at the point or place of purchase. If you purchase something from a business located in Utah, the business collects and pays the tax in Utah or whatever state the business resides in. Although the fairest of the proposals I have a strong feeling that several businesses will be relocating to Delaware, where they have no sales tax in an effort to attract sales of goods to their State.

The real problem with this premise is that the wrong question is being asked. The question is "How should internet sales be taxed"? When you start with the wrong question you canít avoid getting the wrong answer. For example, ask the question, "Why should I get hit in the face with a rock"? I don't care how you answer that question the answers are all wrong. Of course the question should be, "How can I avoid getting hit in the face with a rock"? Just as the internet sales tax question should be, "How can we avoid internet sales being taxed? This countries founders established that interstate commerce should not be regulated by individual states or local taxing authorities. But our current crop of politicians won't be compared to our founding Fathers anytime soon. 
 New Look -Old Format

As you can see the newsletter has taken on a new look. The newsletter layout needed to be updated so it would meet some of the newer rules for html validation. We also decided to streamline the layout so the online copies or archives would load faster and the email versions would be easier to load as well.

The format will remain the same so you will continue to receive marketing info, updates, a few links, a monthly tip and the refined humor you are used to. We know this newsletter won't change your life, but we hope it offers helpful or interesting information every now and then and gives you a laugh every once in awhile.

If you have a topic you would like to see us address send us an email, give us a call or stop us on the street and let us know.

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Not So Important Questions
Inspired by the Late Mitch Hedberg
1. Do fake plants die because You don't pretend to water them?
2. Is wearing a turtleneck like being strangled by a really weak guy?
3. How do you let people know you are against picketing?
4. If you have dentures, and use artificial sweetener, can you get a fake cavity?
5. Aren't people that hand you fliers really saying, "Here, you throw this away?"
6. Is it proper etiquette to tell a drunk while he is eating grapes that he is supposed to wait?
7. Shouldn't we all take tests at retail outlets, since the customer is always right?
8. Is a vest just a jacket for a man with no arms?
9. Isn't rice the perfect meal when you are hungry and you want 2,000 of something?
10. When someone asks us what size we are, shouldn't we say, "actual", because we aren't to scale?
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