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Marketing Your Site What's New ?
Local Search

We hear a lot lately about local search results on Google, Bing and other search engines. It is understandable why local search rankings are important. Better rankings almost always mean more traffic and traffic is a key component of a successful website. But are high search engines results the only way to get traffic. Absolutely not, there are many other ways to drive traffic to your site.

Small businesses with a local or regional reach want high search engine rankings as much as Sears or IBM does, but they find achieving those rankings much more difficult. So what can they do? A return to marketing 101 provides the answer; exposure is the key to successful promotions whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a Mom and Pop type business.

There are literally hundreds of low to no cost ways to generate local exposure for your business. Finding the ways that work best for you is the key to driving traffic to your web site. Here are a few methods with a proven track record.

Classified ads are inexpensive and have been around for ever. Signage is important and can have a daily impact on people who commute past your business. Bumper stickers, personalized plates and vehicle graphics can generate interest in your business even while you are parked.

Don't forget business cards, stationary letterhead, receipts, bags and any other printed item that allows you the room to include your website address. Sponsoring local events often offers an opportunity to promote your business as well as building good will in the community.

Be creative and there is no reason you can't have the most visited website in town.
  We have a couple of websites that have been completely redesigned with new looks, and features.
We also have several new mobile websites that went live this month.
With mobile devices now responsible for 20% of internet traffic in the U.S., mobile optimized websites have become more important to business owners and essential to mobile device users.

Our Savior Lutheran Church  in Denison has a new mission website and a new mobile website as well.

Valley Bank in Mapleton has a brand new website along with a mobile site to serve their mobile customers.

The Park Motel has added a mobile website to make it easier for mobile travelers.

We added our own mobile website at PPP Design.
#########    Just for Grins    #########  
Medical Terms for Layman
1. ARTERY ~ The study of fine paintings.
2. BARIUM ~ What you do when CPR fails.
3. BENIGN ~ What you are after you be 8.
4. CAESAREAN SECTION ~ A district in Rome.
COLIC ~ Timmy's dog.  (Lassie for our younger readers)
6. COMA ~ A punctuation mark.
7. CONGENITAL ~ Friendly.
8. ORGANIC ~ Church musician.
G.I. SERIES ~ Baseball game between teams of soldiers.
Links of Interest Monthly Tip

Denison Links 
Area Website Directory, Recipe Database, Family Resource Links, and E-Minder

 Monarch Country  
Highlights, Scores, Schedules and More..

PPP Design Website Design Marketing Checklist
A categorized website design marketing review.

Definitely Denison
Find out More about Denison (Where to shop, eat and stay)

Our Savior Lutheran Church  ~  Mobile
New Mission and Mobile Website

Valley Bank  ~ Mobile
New Traditional and Mobile Website

The Park Motel  ~ Mobile
New Mobile Website

The Spike

Most of us are aware of the copy and paste command available in Microsoft word. Many are not aware of a command called spike that is useable in the popular word processing software.

The spike allows you to cut text from a Word document by selecting the text then clicking [Ctrl]+[F3] at the same time. You can add as many selections to the spike as you wish. Once you have cut your desired text selections you can paste them in the order they were selected by pressing [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[F3]. This will empty or clear the spike. You can keep the text selected in the spike for later use by placing your cursor where the text should appear and type the word spike then press [F3].

This technique can save multiple cut and paste actions which means you can save time.

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