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Turn Problems into Satisfied Customers

We have all had a customer that was unsatisfied for one reason or another. Often times it is due to no fault of our own. Perhaps a supplier let you down, a manufacturer changed its quality with out letting you know, regardless of the reason it is important that we turn these problems to our advantage.

This can be done with a true desire to provide service above and beyond what is expected. Everyone makes mistakes and your customers don't expect you to be perfect, however they do expect you to stand behind what you sell. A customer complaint should not be viewed negatively; it should be viewed as an opportunity to win them over.

The customer has offered you an opportunity to show them that you will come through for them. Shock them! Offer them service beyond what they expect, establish yourself as a problem solver and your customer will be grateful for the effort and often times become an even more loyal purchaser.

Make sure your customer knows how important they are to you. A demonstration of your best possible service will not only help to wipe out any negative feelings but should build your brand reputation. 
 Can the Internet Control You?

Don't be afraid, the type of control I am talking about is the type demonstrated by NYU Graduate Students at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) annual spring show. The students demonstrated an open source technology that allows you to move someone else's arm using a keyboard, Iphone or joy stick.

Electrodes are placed on a subjects arm and control of the nerves are handed over to a computer. When the arm of a model skeleton connected nearby is moved the arm of the subject moves as well. When hooked up to a infrared finger-tracking sensor a wave of your hand can activate the sensor and move the arm remotely.

The developers hope the system can eventually be used to help people with poor or no muscle control.
#########    Just for Grins    #########  
Comparing Drug Dealers & Software Developers 
1. DD - Refer to their clients as "users"  ~ SWD - Refer to their clients as "users"
2. DD - "The first one's free!"  ~ SWD - "Download a free trial version!"
3. DD - Have important Asian connections ~ SWD - Have important Asian connections
4. DD - Realize there's tons of cash in the 14-25-year-old market ~ SWD - Realize there's tons of cash in the 14-25-year-old market
5. DD - Clients like you when your stuff works & and want to kill you When it doesn't. ~ SWD - Clients like you when your stuff works & and want to kill you When it doesn't.
6. DD - Often seen with pimps, hustlers and low-life's. ~ SWD - Often seen with marketing people, venture capitalists and fund managers.
7. DD - A "fix" is just a phone call away, but may be expensive. ~ SWD - A "fix" is just a phone call away, but may be expensive.
8. DD - A lot of them are getting rich while still teenagers. ~ SWD - A lot of them are getting rich while still teenagers.
9. DD - Product causes unhealthy addictions. ~ SWD - Product causes unhealthy addictions (DOOM, Quake, etc.).
10. DD - You may get to sleep with sexy movie stars who depend on you. ~ SWD - Not a chance!!!
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A categorized website design marketing review.

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Kingsoft Office Suite Free 
Free Office Suite

A blog for anyone looking to streamline their life

Kingsoft Office Suite Free 

If a word processor, presentation software and the ability to make spread sheets is enough office power for you then Kingsoft Office Suite Free may be the ideal choice for you. These three office tools are almost identical to the 2003 and earlier versions of MS Office. Additional features are available but the interfaces are the same as the pre office ribbon versions.

The free office package is small at less than 50 MB and offers a tabbed interface.

Download Kingsoft Office Suite Free

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