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Marketing Your Site What's New ?
Mobile Ready

Everyone is talking about "Going Mobile" and it is important for all of us to realize that more people are relying on mobile devices than ever before. Does this mean we should all change our websites so they provide content for the mobile viewer? Eventually, but current trends suggest that our current content is fine but we may want to consider content geared toward mobile devices as well.

Most mobile devices offer browsers that can view most if not all of your current content. The view port or screens on mobile equipment is smaller so a mobile user may have to scroll to see the bulk of your content. Mobile ready pages that reflect your most important content and offer links to the rest of your site offer a simple solution that provides your visitors with the best of both worlds.

Many websites, especially content management systems, make it easy to provide alternate content for mobile surfers. The content can be input only once then displayed on both the mobile and traditional pages of your site. A link to the mobile content from your traditional home page allows mobile users the ability to choose which format they want to view. Scripts can even detect the visitors screen size and redirect mobile users automatically.

The best approach to mobile readiness seems to be a transition to mobile content as the number of mobile users rises.
Water Safe Cell Phones

A company called Liquipel in southern California has perfected a process that protects your phone from moisture. Their website states,
 "Liquipel is a revolutionary process that applies a water safe coating to your electronic devices to protect them in the event of accidental exposure to liquids. It is not visible to the human eye, virtually undetectable and Liquipel will not compromise the look, feel, and performance of your electronics."

To see a list of devices that the process currently can protect Liquipel Approved Devices.

The Shelby County Democratic Party has a new website that features a blog, event schedule, candidate biographies and more.
#########    Just for Grins    #########  
Bad Excuses When You Are Asked Out On A Date
1. I'm staying home to work on my cottage cheese sculpture.
2. I don't have time, I'm building a pig from a kit.
3. I'm going door-to-door collecting for static cling.
4. I have to go to the post office to see if I'm still wanted.
5. My crayons melted together and I have to see if I can get them apart.
6. I'm trying to see how long I can go without saying yes.
7. I'm converting my calendar watch from Julian to Gregorian.
8. I have some real hard words to look up in the dictionary.
9. I'm having my plants neutered.
10. I'm observing National Apathy Week.
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Free Application Launcher

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Waterproof Phone Coatings


RocketDock is an application launcher that allows you drop shortcuts on for easy access to your favorite programs. You can customize each item on the RocketDock so it works the way you want it to.

You can minimize windows to the dock and view each item as a pop-up on  mouse over when running Vista or Windows 7.

RocketDock is fully customizable and completely portable so it can be used on a USB stick or transferred to a laptop. Drag and drop capabilities make it easy to use and it is free.

Find out more about RocketDock

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