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I have often thought that many small businesses exist due to the tenacity of their owners. These owners refuse to give up when things are difficult, when business slows down or doesn’t live up to expectations. What is tenacity and how does it actually apply to business?

One of the definitions for tenacity is: “the quality or fact of continuing to exist; persistence”. Another definition states: “the quality or property of holding together firmly:” As you can see tenacity is a trait that many would consider desirable for business owners. Tenacity in its base form means to hold fast or hold firm.

Tenacity of purpose can overcome many obstacles in life and in business. Holding firm to the principles a business was founded on is often the characteristic that decides whether or not a business is successful. The resolve it takes for an owner to work long hours for little or no pay while a business is growing cannot be over looked when it comes to the endurance of any business.

The determination a business owner displays when refusing to give up until a customer is satisfied is what reputations are built on. No discount or fancy ad will ever be able to compete with the persistence offered on a customer’s behalf.

The resolve a business owner exemplifies when he or she is working to make certain that the product or service their business offers is second to none only strengthens their Companies foundation.

Tenacity has over 600 synonyms (I may have used a few to write this.) and almost every one of them could be used to describe business owners. There are a lot of personality traits I can think of that I would not want to be associated with, Tenacity isn’t one of them.
Zungle Panther Sunglasses

Zungle Panther Sunglasses have been called smart glasses that can transmit sound waves through bone conduction. They actually vibrate lightly against the skull to create the sound for your favorite music or for phone calls.

Zungle Panther is a kickstarter project which means it is raising funding for manufacturing etc. The kickstarter page states that they have exceeded their initial fundraising goal.

Zungle Panther Sunglasses allow you to hear external sound when listening to music. The sunglasses are waterproof and boast superior blue tooth sound. The glasses include a built-in noise-cancelling microphone that lets you make and answer phone calls.

Check out their kickstarter page to find out more.

Reliance Construction of Iowa, Inc. has a new responsive website. Reliance Construction of Iowa works in the steel fabrication/installation industry and is located in Schleswig Iowa. Visit their website to find out more or to apply for employment.

#########    Just for Grins    #########  
More Twitter One Liners
1. I just saw some idiot put a water bottle where the Pringles go on the treadmill.
2. What if you broke into your neighbor's house every night but didn't take anything, you just put a cape on their dog.
3. My diet this week consisted of 6 cheat days.
4. If you start smacking people with your wife's purse she won't ask you to hold it for her anymore.
Reminder to anyone who received a book from me for Xmas. They're due back at the library today.
Dogs are probably really excited about dog sledding before they find out what it actually is.
7. Relationship or hallucination? I don't care. Either way, I'm seeing somebody.
8. People tend to overreact when they look in the rear view mirror and see me sitting in their back seat dressed like a clown.
9. My nickname at work is shh, here she comes.
I am starting to think these wireless headphones my wife gave me might be earmuffs.
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Zungle Panther Sunglasses
Bone conduction sunglasses

Reliance Construction of Iowa, Inc.
Steel fabrication/installation

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