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Marketing Your Site What's New ?
Special Events

Donating space on your website for special community, club or church events is an easy way to promote your own website. Be careful when choosing which events to promote because you want to be sure they are compatible with your business and the image you want your business to portray.

Large events that require their own website such as a county fair etc. probably aren't appropriate, but one or two day events such as a local celebration or church bake sale fit the bill. If a church or local organization does not have its own website, it can be cost prohibitive to promote a one or two day event online. However, if you allow the group to have a page on your domain or a link to an informational document such as a PDF you can help the organization promote their event while promoting your site.

A link on the home page of your site leading directly to an html page or PDF with event information allows the organization to promote the event by informing people to visit your website for more information. The link should be prominent so visitors don't have to search for the information. Make sure the link is informative and clearly states its purpose. A link with text like this: Annual Lions Club used Eye Glasses Drive, lets people know exactly what the link is for so your visitors won't be confused.

Even if visitors go straight to the link and don't visit other pages on your site you have created good will and your domain name has been linked to a good cause. When done properly there is very little potential downside and as an added bonus you were able to help a local group promote their event.
 FaceBook to Far!

Some People take Social Media way to far. Here are a couple of examples. A "Like Coffee Mug" for your morning coffee. Or maybe a "Social Media Shower Curtain". No, I am not kidding, the very real shower curtain even has a clear window that you can look through so it looks like a profile picture! Although some people take Social Media to Far these are obviously in good fun from the folks at ThinkGeek .

Would you like to be a super hero to a toddler this summer? Get them their very own Marvel Swimsuit Swim Trainer at ThinkGeek . Spider Man, Iron Man and Captain America are available, sorry it doesn't look like they have any adult sizes.

Welcome to West Central Iowa Pullers, the W.C.I. Pullers new website just went live and offers rules and schedules so you can find out when the next tractor or truck pull will be near you.
#########    Just for Grins    #########  
Funny Bumper Stickers
1. I used up all my sick days, so I called in dead.
2. If you can read this I’m not impressed. Most people can read.
3. The shortest sentence is "I am". The longest is "I Do".
4. Trust Your Instincts. People Really Don't Like You.
5. Work Harder! Millions On Welfare Depend on You.
6. I child-proofed my house. But they still get in.
7. What if the Hokey Pokey IS What It Is All About.
8. Don't Worry About What people Think. They don't do It Very Often.
4 Out of 3 People Have Trouble With Fractions.
10. Politicians and Diapers Need To Be Changed For The Same Reason!
Links of Interest Monthly Tip

Denison Links 
Area Website Directory, Recipe Database, Family Resource Links, and E-Minder

 Monarch Country  
Highlights, Scores, Schedules and More..

PPP Design Website Design Marketing Checklist
A categorized website design marketing review.

Definitely Denison
Find out More about Denison (Where to shop, eat and stay)

Free genealogical research software

West Central Iowa Pullers
Truck and Tractor Pulling Association

stuff for smart masses


Gramps is free genealogical research software that supports unlimited entries and multiple relationship types. The website states that it is easy enough for a hobbyist and has enough features for a professional.

You can add photos, view family trees, list events and much more with this feature rich software licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. This free software offers all you need to get started tracing your family tree.


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