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July, 2019 Edition
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Starting Over

Starting over doesn't sound like fun, and it usually isn't. However, when it comes to marketing your web site, starting over may be the best approach.

When a business builds a new website they often intend to integrate web site marketing strategies into their current marketing program. Frequently this is done on a piecemeal basis, and web site marketing soon falls by the wayside.

A new look at your business, and its marketing and promotional plans may help to integrate your web site into current advertising strategies. This fresh look at your marketing plan may also help you find new and innovative ways to market your business. Businesses often find that their customer base has shifted, promotional techniques have changed, or that technology offers opportunities to advertise in new and better ways.

A fresh start may save you money, allow you to tap new markets, or create more customer loyalty. It could simply help you create a more cost-effective, and coherent marketing plan. Integrating your website into your existing marketing plan can save you money. Promoting your website allows you to use shorter ads that direct customers to your site, and offer a destination for customers that still have questions about your business.

With all of these benefits, starting over doesn't sound so bad.

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Don't Click Without Looking Both Ways

New computing threats pop up every day. Most of them can be avoided by being cautious. A couple of quick tips will help you avoid the most common threats.

Do not open emails or click any links in messages from unknown senders. If a message from someone you know looks strange or includes strange links, do not click them. This applies to messaging programs and social media as well.

Avoid websites that you are unfamiliar with and do not click on suspicious looking links. Hover over a link to see where the link may be directing you.

Do not fill out forms with personal information unless you know where the data is being sent.

Keep software up to date to avoid vulnerabilities, and be certain to protect your device with reputable anti-virus and anti malware programs.

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  • It's a humbling moment when you realize your dog has actually trained you to do something.
  • I love Chinese food as much as the next guy, but you'll never convince me a chicken fried this rice.
  • Marriage is supposed to be permanent. It's like a tattoo that yells at you.
  • "I'd like you to meet my half sister." "Different fathers?" "Nope, Shark attack."
  • I used to be in a band called 'Missing Cat'. You probably saw our posters.
  • I wonder how people would react if I walked into Sea World holding a fishing rod.
  • My butler is such a jerk. He keeps telling me to "move out" and to call him "Dad".
  • If oil is made from decomposed dinosaurs, and plastic is made from oil. Wouldn't it mean that plastic dinosaurs are made from real dinosaurs?
  • If your house it hit by a dolphin, DO NOT GO OUT AND SEE IF THE DOLPHIN IS OKAY. That's how a hurricane tricks you into going outside.
  • The doctor said I need to drink more whiskey. Also, I'm calling myself "the doctor" now.
Monthly Tip
Firefox Send

Firefox Send lets you upload and share up to one gigabyte files with friends, associates, and family members. Firefox Send uses end-to-end encryption keeping your privacy intact.

After you upload a file, the service provides you with a download link you can share with anyone you wish. You may (optional) enter a password that needs to be entered before downloading the file.

The service provides a link to your file that automatically expires in seven days, or sooner if you prefer. The number of downloads may also be controlled. You don't have to worry about going back to delete the files later.

Firefox Send is a free service. If you need to share larger files you can sign up, which allows you to upload files up to 2.5 gigabytes. (Still free)

Click to share a file using Firefox Send

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Firefox Send
Free file transfers with end-to-end encryption.

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