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Marketing Your Website

What's New ?
Is Your Website a Fair Trade?

Each website is judged by the people that visit them. Whatever preconceived ideas visitors have when they arrive at a website is used to evaluate the design, layout and content. How can we use this to our advantage? We have to take the opportunity to view our website through the eyes of our customers.

It is easy to talk about our business and all of the details that we know so well, but is it done from a perspective that can be appreciated by visitors to our website? The information we think should be useful may prove to be useless to a new customer.

Outlining the needs our products and services fill for our customers is a good place to start. Asking family members, friends and business associates to review our content before it goes online can be very useful. Enlisting a trusted customer to review current copy and suggest new content would be ideal but is not always practical.

Developing a system to determine what is important to include on a website and what should be excluded is as important as the design, layout or functionality. We need to make certain that visitors feel the information they gain while at our site is worth the time they spent visiting. If they feel their time was spent wisely, our website gains value.

When a website offers true value the owner of the site is rewarded with repeat visitors, new business and a loyal customer base which translates in to more income. That seems like a fair trade.
  Search Filters

Google has more search tools and filters than most people can imagine (Google Search Tools and Filters) and they consistently add more. These tools can be used to help us find what ever we are looking for on the internet. Without filters it can be difficult to wade through the reams of data available.

You can search for specifc types of content, by region, specific words, languages, last updated etc. (Google Advanced Search). You can narrow results based on reading level, format and more.

Taking advantage of the many ways to narrow a search can save hours while researching, shopping or just browsing.

There have many articles written about how to use Google, (How to Search Google Like a Pro) each with it's own twist.  Take advantage of these tips and you will be done searching in no time. Check out the other articles in the link section.
#########    Just for Grins    #########  
Wisdom of Supermodels
1. ON COURAGE: "They were doing a full back shot of me in a swimsuit and I thought, 'Oh my God, I have to be so brave. See, every woman hates herself from behind.'"  -Cindy Crawford
2. ON POVERTY: "Everyone should have enough money to get plastic surgery." -Beverly Johnson
3. ON PRIORITIES: "I would rather exercise than read a newspaper." -Kim Alexis
4. ON HEREDITY: "My husband was just OK looking. I was in labor and I said to him,' What if she's ugly? You're ugly.'" -Beverly Johnson
5. ON PARADOX: "Sometimes I get lonely, but it's nice to be alone." -Tatjana Patitz
6. ON INSTINCT: "If I'm making a movie and get hungry, I call time-out and eat some crackers." -Carol Alt
7. ON OCCUPATIONAL HAZARDS: "I tried on 250 bathing suits in one afternoon and ended up having little scabs up and down my thighs, probably from some of those with sequins all over them." -Cindy Crawford
8. ON THOUGHT: "When I model, I pretty much go blank. You can't think too much or it just doesn't work." -Paulina Porizkova
9. ON VERSATILITY: "I can do anything you want me to do so long as I don't have to speak." -Linda Evangelista
10. No matter how hard we tried...we could not come up with ten.
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Copernic Agent Personal

Search multiple search engines at once using this powerful tool. Input your search words/phrases and select the search engines you want included in your search then manage the results with Copernic Agent Personal.

This free tool allows you to filter results so you get the information you need.

From their website:

"Copernic Agent Personal combines the power of leading search engines and specialized information sources with advanced, flexible and innovative search management tools."

Download Copernic Agent Personal Here

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