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April 2011

Volume 108


Marketing Your Site

What's New ?

Which Direction is Your Marketing Going?

A recent study shows that in bound marketing leads cost 62% less than out bound marketing leads. Sixty two percent less, that is an astonishing figure. But what is the difference between in bound and out bound marketing?

Telemarketing is a prime example of out bound marketing. Leads initiated by a company without invitation from the consumer are out bound marketing leads. An example of an inbound lead would be someone who visits your website due to a search or other activity and either requests information, visits your physical location or contacts you. Can you see the advantage of one over the other?

The website visit is a pre-qualified lead where the telemarketing call is not. Sure the telemarketer may have received the persons name as someone interested in their product or service but the difference is in who initiated the action.

When you take an analytical look at the processes behind each consumer contact it is easy to see why in bound marketing leads are so much less expensive. So, creating opportunities that drive in bound marketing leads can not only be productive but cost much less to generate.

This backs up the philosophy that building your brand and creating goodwill through customer service and community efforts will, in the long run, create greater returns than a more direct approach. Building client relationships takes time but has the potential to generate more sales at less cost.
Adobe Offers Patch for Critical Vulnerability.

If you use Adobe Reader to view PDF files you may want to update the Reader program. A recent vulnerability exposes your computer to risk of being taken over by malicious users. Watch for PDF and or Flash files embedded in Word documents, excel sheets etc.. Especially when these files arrive as attachments via email.

“There are reports that one of the vulnerabilities, CVE-2011-0611, is being actively exploited in the wild against both Adobe Flash Player, and Adobe Reader and Acrobat, as well as via a Flash (.swf) file embedded in a Microsoft Word (.doc) or Microsoft Excel (.xls) file delivered as an email attachment targeting the Windows platform,” the company stated in a security advisory."

Windows users can update the program here:
Windows Adobe Update

Mac users can update the program here:
Mac Adobe Update

If you have trouble choosing an option here try:
Alternate Adobe Download

Adobe Reader for Unix and Android don't appear to be affected.

    Just for Grins    

Books Never Published for Good Reason

1. Ten Years in the Bathtub by Rink Lee Prune
2. Smelly Stuff by Anita Bath
3. Sitting on the Beach by Sandy Cheeks
4. Great I.Q. Competitions by Samar T. Pants
5. Mike Tyson's Guide to Dating Etiquette
6. Tight Situation by Leah Tard
7. Carnival Rides by Ivana Herl
8. Different Ways to Spell "Bob"
9. Why Should I Walk? by Iona Carr
10. All About Flowers by Chris Anthymum


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Windows Adobe Update
Update Adobe Reader Here

Mac Adobe Update
Update Adobe Reader Here

Pure Text 2.0
Text format removal tool

Pure Text 2.0

(From the Pure Text Website)

"Have you ever copied some text from a web page or a document and then wanted to paste it as simple text into another application without getting all the formatting from the original source? PureText makes this simple by adding a new Windows hot-key (default is WINDOWS+V) that allows you to paste text to any application without formatting."

The Pure Text Program may not work on 64 bit systems. It is freeware and one of the smallest utilities I have ever used (13 KB). It can save you a lot of time once you get used to it.

Download Pure Text 2.0 Here



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