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Is there a step by step plan to market my business?

Six Steps to Marketing Success

Developing a full blown marketing plan for a business can be a daunting task but it doesn't have to be. Stay focused on the steps below and you will have a useable plan in no time.

Step 1. Define your market. Many marketing firms act as if this is difficult. It isn't. After almost 30 years of experience owning my own business I can tell you no one knows your business and your market better than you do. Ask yourself who you currently sell your products or services to? What other markets is your product or service ideally suited for? Are there auxiliary markets that you could tap in to? You just defined your market.

Step 2. What type of image do you want to portray in your marketing and promotional programs? What types of marketing are accepted in your industry? Are there charitable, social or business relationships that will help you develop your market?

Step 3. Consider what advertising and promotional vehicles can best reach the market segments you defined in step 1 while keeping the answers to step 2 in mind. Be creative here because marketing your business doesn't always have to be expensive. What are the best ways to develop relationships that benefit both parties involved?

Step 4. What can you afford to spend on marketing? Where can you find additional resources for marketing your products or services? Weed out the answers to step 3 based on step 4. Expect to expand this step as your marketing takes affect.

Step 5. Focus your plan on the next 6 months to a year. Any shorter period and you aren't giving the plan a fair chance of success, any longer and long term variables can't be taken in to consideration. Repetitive promotion not only works but is essential.

Step 6. Implement your plan!!! This is where most businesses fail. Stick to your plan making minor adjustments as needed. Remember, you are developing a long term image for your business, stay focused and the results can be remarkable.




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