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What are non-reciprocal links and what are there advantages?

Non-reciprocal links are links that are one way; they link to your site without a reciprocal link in return. These Non-Reciprocal Links can actually have a bigger impact on your search engine ranking than Reciprocal Links. The fact that a site links to you without a link in return carries weight with most search engines (they can detect reciprocal links).

Great content can create or draw non-reciprocal links because of the usefulness your site content presents to other site visitors.

There are other ways to generate non-reciprocal links to your website. One method utilized is the posting of links to directories. Many directories charge a fee for their service but there are still many that do not. DMOZ is the largest volunteer ran directory available and submissions to its directory are free but may take some time before a listing appears. A search for other free link directories turns up many link exchanges and link traders; however with diligence one can find other free link directories. 

Another way to generate non-reciprocal links is to write articles on subjects you are familiar with or better yet an expert in. Each article should include a resource box with your name, copyrights, reprint permissions, email address and URL. Each time your article is published online a new link from your resource box is created. Many article publishers maintain vast archives which mean these links will be available for a long time. Try a search for "Free Article Submission" on Google and the lists of places to submit articles to seem endless.  

I hope this gets you started on your way to creating hundreds of non-reciprocal links for your website.




Links & Link Exchanges


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