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Since the dawn of the information age society has been inundated with information from 24 hour cable and network news channels, internet news, rss feeds, satellite and traditional radio. Add the surge in growth of mobile devices over the past decade to the mix and one might think that we have reached information saturation. When we consider that mobile device use is increasing at an astonishing rate it is possible that we may have only seen the tip of the iceberg. 

Since 1975 the number of hours of television watched per day among Americans has been about 3 hours. Recent trends indicate that this statistic has been going down since a high of 3.1 hours per day in 1982. Many believe this downward trend is due to alternate media exposure.

Selecting a marketing medium is much more difficult today with the multitude of media opportunities available to consumers. Target marketing is just as trying when you consider that any given market may be exposed to many media types. An 18-25 year old may be exposed to ads on social media, satellite or traditional radio, television, movie promos, product placements, billboards, text messages, mobile phones, on their computer, and more.

How can a business owner promote their products and services affordably with so many media options available?  The cost of running informational ads on all of the possible media types would be staggering.  Add in the fact that each market segment has its own media options (although many overlap) and the price tag balloons exponentially.

You can overcome this media barrage and target your market with inexpensive ads on the most popular mediums directed to your website where consumers can gather all of the information they need. An ad that offers your website address and one or two lines defining your business can be very effective and inexpensive compared to full blown ads on 15 different media options. When people hear it and see it often enough they remember it.

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