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One of the things that new entrepreneurs find most difficult is time management. They suddenly have this new found freedom without the structure of a typical nine to five job. Most energetically attack the tasks at hand but often forget little things because they have new responsibilities that haven't yet become a habit.

Most nine to five type jobs allow an individual to forget work at the end of the day and focus on other things. Being self employed not only eliminates that luxury but it also comes with additional responsibilities that come with running your own business. Project deadlines, marketing, distribution, supply and many other distractions can be a little daunting at first.

Managing all the important facets of a new business requires structure. Just as important as structure is the ability to prioritize. Some tasks can be put off until later, others require immediate attention. Deciding which tasks to address first can often be as complicated as running the business itself. Once tasks are prioritized and implemented into a work structure they begin to become a habit. This allows the business owner an opportunity to progress with out constantly worrying about whether or not they forgot to take care of an important issue.

Scheduling is the key to managing the often mundane tasks that are the back bone of a business. At first, it is often best to schedule everything from time off to weekly correspondence. A schedule offers the structure that many new business owners need to make sure that all tasks are addressed from start to finish. It is easy to put off weekly mailings, website updates, even marketing when there is no structure to guide a new business person. Taking the time to make a schedule and following it allows you to focus more time on the things that create value for your business.

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