Day  Date Activity Versus Time H/A
Friday 7/21/2017 V Softball State @Fort Dodge Harlan Rogers Sports Complex TBD A
Saturday 7/22/2017 V Baseball State IHSAA @Principal Park 7:30PM A
Monday 7/24/2017 V Softball Thank You Seniors for Four Years of Softball! A
Monday 7/24/2017 V Baseball State IHSAA @Principal Park 7:30PM A


Activity Dates, Times and Locations are subject to change. If the exact location of an event
is unknown the Map Link generated is for the High School hosting the event.

* Hawkeye Ten (PN)  Parents Night (HC) Homecoming
(FAC) Fine Arts Center (B/V) Band/Vocal Room H-Home   A-Away
Activity Postponed or Cancelled

If an activity is postponed watch for the reschedule date.